The SITT Team regrets that Hammerfest for 2017 has been cancelled.  We have been unable to get enough help to make this event happen this year.  If you are interested in helping out in 2018 please let one of the SITT board members know.


SITT Hammerfest

Hammerfest is cancelled for the rest of 2017.  We will reevaluate if we will continue Hammerfest for the 2018 season later this year.

Course Record Holders
tgumbel jgrimsley
Male Roadie
Tony Gumbel
Dan's Comp
May 2016
24.8 MPH
Female Roadie
Jessica Grimsley
Big O Bikes
May 2016
20.5 MPH
jjacob bspence
Male TT
Jon Jacob
May 2016
29.1 MPH
Female TT
Beverly Spence
May 2016
21.1 MPH
gfraze fplaceholder
Male Fixie
Greg Fraze
May 2016
23.4 MPH
Female Fixie
placeholder fplaceholder
Male Mountain Female Mountain
placeholder placeholder
Tandem Handcycle